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Welcome To AFIA's Samosa Shop  

Welcome to Afia's Samosa Shop, the producers of quality home made fresh delicious artisan Indian food - Wheat & Gluten Free and non-Gluten-Free.
Incorporating traditional family recipes passed down grandparents to parents to daughter. We specialise in a variety of handmade:
  • Samosas - finger licking fillings including killer hot scotch bonnet chilli
  • Pakoras  - vegan or chicken
  • Achaars - Indian pickles, naturally matured over time 
  • Chapatti & Paratha - Wheat & Gluten Free NEW !!!
  • Wheat & Gluten Free - all except Traditional Wheat Pastry Samosas
  • All Halal
  • Vegan & Vegetarian 
  • Locally sourced fresh seasonal ingredients and organic where possible
To ensure products are of the highest quality we make everything in small batches at a time. Only freshest quality ingredients are used, sourced from local growers and organic where possible.
EXITING NEWS: It's official, we make the best Gourmet Samosa in UK

October 21st 2016, Quality Choice Food Awards
"Winner" Wheat & Gluten Free Lamb Samosa:"The pastry is innovative not only is it vegan but free of all 14 major food allergens,Impressed with the amount of lamb content. Generous filling. Restaurant quality"; "These are amazing!! the rich lamb flavor is beautiful. I would happily eat a plate of these." comments by an award judges
"Highly Commended" Wheat & Gluten Free Traditional Vegetable Samosa:"Really tasty filling and pastry, one of the best samosa's I have ever had Brilliant product"; "Delicious crispy coating - commendable for vegan pastry that it is free from all 14 major food allergens. Delicious filling, Attractive appearance"; "An artisan product, great deep fried!" comments by an award judges

April 22nd 2015, Free From Food Awards
"Highly Commended" our Wheat & Gluten Free Lamb Samosa: "Wow, a spicy, unusual product for the gluten free market – with lots of tasty lamb filling.' 'Good crispy pastry – yummy.' 'First gluten-free samosa I have met!' comment by an award judge

August 8th 2013, Great Taste Awards:
Proud to announce awards achieved for our Gourmet Wheat Pastry Samosa range: Gold 3-star - Lamb Samosa, 2-star - Spicy Mix Vegetable Samosa, and 1-star - Scotch Bonnet Chilli Samosa.  To read judges comments pleaseCLICK HERE
April 16th.2013, Free From Food Awards "Commended" our Wheat & Gluten Free Spicy Beef Samosa - In 2011 we launched our sensational treat for all samosa lovers, and now achieved this prestigious award recognition.  Using only fresh natural ingredients, our delicious crispy Wheat & Gluten Free Samosa pastry can be fried, frozen, and baked.  Won't crumble after refrigeration for 24 hours or more. All laboratory certified 

(Nationwide Caterers Association)

Guild of Fine Food 
Producer Member

Greater Birmingham of Commerce Member