Who Are Behind Afia's?

Afia's is a mother and daughter team (Afia and Mum Rukhsana).  We started in August 2009 with our first Farmers Market at Brindley Place, Birmingham.  Since then we have grown in strength. 
Everything about Indian food Afia knows is learned over the years since childhood at Mum's side in the kitchen. 
Our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best food we have to offer to tingle your taste buds.
Why Specialise in Wheat & Gluten Food?
AFIA’s started in April 2009 from Mum’s home kitchen as an experiment, selling fresh homemade samosas at farmers markets in Birmingham (traditional vegetable, chicken and lamb) and wheat & gluten free onion pakora (onion bhaji).  From here we have increased our product range and the farmers markets we attend in and around The Midlands and where possible using locally sourced ingredients.  All these years have not been easy working from home, selling direct to consumers only and only able to accept small orders.
Inspiration to research and develop a pastry for making Wheat & Gluten Free pastry for samosas comes from Mum. 
Mum has Coeliac Disease, which means she is intolerant to the protein gluten found in many food ingredients e.g. wheat (bread, biscuits, cakes, pastry), oats, barley.  Samosas are made with wheat flour pastry which naturally contains the protein gluten.  With out wheat and gluten free pastry, Mum can now eat samosas that are cooked exactly in the same method as traditional wheat pastry samosas, without compromising on great taste and texture. Since 2014, Afia discovered she too is intolerant to wheat and gluten.
AFIA’s produces UK’s  first and true Wheat & Gluten Free Samosas with various meat and vegetarian fillings.  In addition we make homemade pakora, Indian pickles (Achar), as well as the artisan non-gluten-free traditional pastry samosa with 14 different fillings

Our food is made where possible with locally sourced quality ingredients from around the Midlands, all hand made, and staying true to our family recipes.
Our Wheat & Gluten Free Samosas are made from a pastry that closely mimics the traditional wheat flour pastry i.e. deep fry at high temperature (from frozen, defrosted or fresh), deep freeze, re-heat in the microwave, cook in the oven, eat hot or cold. The samosa will not crumble when left in fridge to eat a few days later.  Texture is crispy, not crumbly or hard on the teeth, and very tasty.  Many customers from our regular Farmers Markets prefer the Wheat & Gluten Free pastry to our traditional handmade wheat pastry samosas for its crunchy texture.
Our research shows that currently there is no flour that can be used to make pastry that works well at high temperatures without burning and is easy to roll i.e. oven bake and deep fry.  With exception of our traditional wheat flour pastry samosas ALL our products are Wheat & Gluten Free.